Indigo Prefab Container House 20ft

COST: P180,000 – P200,000

Dimension : 2.5 meters x 6 meters x 2.4 meters

Package Includes :

4 units Upvc Sliding Windows

2 units Flourescent Light 40watts

2 units Electric Outlet

1 unit Breaker

Fully Insulated with 50mm EPS Insulation

Powdered Coated Sandwich Panel

This beautiful prefab house in the Philippines will cost you P200,000, more or less, depending on your specifications. It comes with a small bathroom, a kitchen sink, windows and doors.

The actual model of a 20ft Container Prefab House.

The footings are to be attached on a good foundation made of cement. It can also be elevated to keep your house safe from flood.

The interior is insulated.

The exterior can also be cladded with wooden palettes just like this one or with other material to finish the exterior.

For more info:

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