Decorating the living room and arranging furniture can sometimes be tricky.
Get inspiration from these interior designs as you decorate your own home from choosing the proper living room couch and wall panel design where you can mount your led or lcd tv. Mounting your tv doesn’t really have to be boring and plain, you can make your wall look more elegant and beautiful by adding design on your wall panel. Wall cladding of tiles, wood or bricks can add beauty andsophisticationto your living room.

Frame the wall where you want your tv mounted, Adding brick, wood or tile cladding is one way to renovate a wall and make it look more modern.

On a small space where mounting your tv on the wall seems out of balance, you may use tv stand instead.

Proper lighting on your living room can also give it a very calm and relaxing ambiance.

Furnishing and decorating your living room can never be easier once you have decided the color theme and look that you want to achieve.

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