The following is 11 Feng Shui Colors with their meanings. Know the meaning of each colors and how to use them successfully in your home. They said the right use of Feng Shui colors can do wonders in your home and it can bring energy, harmony, and balance.
Also, many believe that it has an impact on the psychological and physical well-being of a person.

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1. Yellow

Yellow is a very happy color, uplifting, nourishing, warm, sunny and stimulating. It represents fire or earth element. 

Yellow is also appropriate for the abundance, prosperity, and relationships or love areas.

Because it is uplifting and sociable, it is a wonderful color for the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

 If used in the bedroom, make sure it is an earthly or pale yellow.

2. Brown

Brown is stable, grounding, reliable, motherly, comfortable, and inexpensive. It represents both wood and earth element.

Like earth, brown is very comforting, supportive, stable, and grounding. It symbolizes strength and stability. 

Use brown in your bedroom or living room.

3. Black

Black connotes sophistication, power, elegance, absorbing and modernity. It is also introspected, infinite and mysterious. Black represents the water element. 
It is best to use black as an accessory color in your home.

4. Blue

In color psychology, blue is calming, healing, soothing, tranquility,  relaxing and peaceful. Blue also characterizes dependability, trustworthiness, and security.

In feng shui, blue represents the water element, clarity, inspiration, relaxation, renewal, and nobility. 

Blue is one of the best feng shui colors used in the bathroom.

5. Pink

Pink is loving, gentle, soothing, sedating and calming. It also symbolizes love and romance. It represents fire element.

Use the color pink in your feng shui bedroom.

6. Grey

Grey is neutral, calm, clear, detached, quiet, and lacks energy. The psychological effects of grey can also be boring, conservative and draining to the physical body.

Grey is one of the feng shui colors representing the metal element. Grey is best used as an accessory color.


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7. Orange

In psychology, orange is very stimulating, active, open, optimistic, cheerful and sociable. 

It is less arousing than red and more pleasantly stimulating. Orange represents the fire element. Because it is more social and less intense than the red, orange is a better color to use in interior spaces. 

It is one of the best feng shui colors for the kitchen, dining room, and living room because of its appetizing and social qualities.

 If used in the bedroom, make sure it is an earthy orange.

 8. Green
The psychological effect of green is very calming, balancing, healing, relaxing, and tranquil. It represents growth, vitality, abundance, and nature. In feng shui, green represents the wood element. 

Greens are particularly beneficial in a bathroom because it promotes peacefulness, tranquility, purification, life, and new beginnings. Green also brings a sense of vitality and freshness.
9. Purple
Purple represents nobility, abundance, and dignity. It is very soothing and calming and is often related to intuition and spirituality.
It represents fire elements. You may use lighter purples like lavender and violet to help to create a very romantic feng shui bedroom.

10. Red
Color psychology suggests that red is activating, stimulating, passionate, exciting, powerful, courageous and expanding.

In feng shui, red represents the fire element, richness and luxury; and passion, love, and romance. 

Red can be used in the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Earthy reds are appropriate for the bedroom.

11. White

White represents clarity, innocence, cleanliness, spirituality, purity, hope, expansiveness, new beginnings, and openness.

In feng shui, white represents the metal element. 

White is a symbol of purity and cleanliness, so it is a fantastic color to use in the bathroom.

But in the end, follow your best judgment. Use colors that you love and that energize and inspire you. If you are told that purple represents abundance but you hate purple, then do not use it. Use a color that represents abundance to you.


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