The year 2017 is coming and paint brands have already announced their 2017 color of the year. Let’s take a look what hues comes to trend next year! They said, there is three major colors that will dominate the Year of the Fire Rooster. So if you’re planning to repaint your house, be sure to know what’s in and what’s out! 

Also, let us know, what’s hot and what’s not in 2017 in terms of interior designing.


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Blue-Green in adventurous style

Mineral Gray with deep jewel tones

Laid Back Gray with sparkling gold accents

Shades On mixed with mysterious gray

Dusted Yellow paired with light

Soft Dusted Yellow

Sunshine Yellow

Taupe Beige

Shades of Blue

Polished Aqua

Powdery Blue

Light Blue-Green

Dusky Blue

Pastel Pink

Earthly Green and Taupe Beige

Balanced Green with feminine appeal



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The 2017 Colors of the Year, According to Paint Companies
Poised Taupe – Cool Gray

Byzantine Blue—a serene gray violet blue

A soft violet – Cloudberry


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2017 House Interior Trends


1. Upholstered bedheads will set to replace the timber bed frames currently dominating the market.

2. Cork is a stylish material idea that adds warmth and texture to spaces

3. Dark shades of green will become the new must-have dark interior color

4. Escapism – Homes with nooks and places to retrieve will become more popular

5. Terracotta tiles will replace currently popular cool and white tones.

6. Jewel tones inspired by metals, space, stars, clouds and the cosmos


1.Fiddle leaf fig will soon be substituted for a new statement indoor plant.

Marble has had a good run, but it’s time for a change

Defined living spaces are returning to modern homes as consumers seek more private home layouts.

After years of popularity, consumers will predictably move away from quote artworks.

Subway tiles

Copper and rose gold will be out by 2017


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