1. Bright GreenGlazed your living room walls with bright green color to capture the light. The bright green in the sunroom is gutsy, but it will create a quite relaxing room. Bright green and white combination creates a calm.

2. Brown

A living room in brown looks inviting, peaceful, calm and comfortable. Living room design ideas in brown are also a timeless classic. The color provides endless opportunities for interior design in almost any style. The brown color is a natural color and considered as neutral with a very rich range of different shades which add a feeling of stability to the interior.

3. Deep Lacquered Blue

A great way to do a moody color because of the way it reflects light. It doesn’t look dark so much as rich.
Any dark blue is perfect to add depth to an interior. It also helps balance out the warmth of some materials in your living room.

4. Light Blue

Make a room light and inviting by using soft blue walls with creamy white details accents. The colors work well together and create an airy feel for a living room.

5. Light OrangeA juicy cantaloupe color that makes everyone delighted. This kind of color is a tropical punch and warm up your living room.

6. Mint

To bring a feeling of nature into your living room. Use a minty green color. It is not too saturated or strong color for the wall.

7. Bright Orange

Bright orange is the most controversial color in the spectrum, but its warmth and personality can charm almost anyone. Orange is a blend of yellow and red. It’s the color of sunsets and tropical fruit, and it is undeniably cheery and bold.

8. Purple

Purple is associated with mourning or death for some people, but for some, it is a color that exemplifies regalness and royalty because of the brightness it has. It is always fresh looking, catchy, stunning and at some point, it looks extra special especially when matched with the right decors.

9. Sky Blue

Sky-blue creates a calm, clean and classic atmosphere into your living room. It has always been a sign of freshness and elegance. As a result, sky-blue living room designs are always elegant and stylish while also creating a calm atmosphere.

10. Soft Pink

Pink is a fabulous color, it’s soft, charming and modern, perfectly appropriate for creating a pleasant living room interior with charming and modern visual appearance.

11. Split Pea Green

It is a green with a warm yellow undertone and is a good paint color for living room. Since it is associated with green, it is a color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and the environment.

12. Yellow GreenThe yellow-green walls give a living room a fresh touch. It is also a very interesting color and a nice accent share. A lovely mix of yellow and green creates a soothing living room in every home.


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