There are many ways to brighten your living room. Many homeowners turn to paint to give their living space a makeover. But there are plenty of other things you can do to alter the ambiance of the living room and ensure that it stands out from the crowd. One of this is to have sofas with vibrant color. Check this 25 colorful sofas to make your living room more lively!

1. Deep blue sofa fills the living room with cheer

2. Exquisite dark red sofa brings vivaciousness to the white living room

3. A touch of beach style elegance rejuvenates the gorgeous family room in white and red

4.Ingenious design of the sofa combines the classic chaise lounge form with the comfort of a couch

5.Rustic living room with red couch and spacious interior

6. Stunning modern Asian living room with a red sofa and a gorgeous screen

7. Chic eclectic living room with bright red sofa

8. Bright yellow sofa for the living room in neutral hues

9. Mellow yellow sofa for the cool living room and library

10. Skirted sofa in yellow for the traditional living room

11. Midcentury living room with an yellow couch and lounger

12. Scandinavian style living room lets the yellow couch become the star of the show

13. Yellow couch becomes the focal point of this contemporary living room

14. Beach style living room in yellow and turquoise with a couch that also adds pattern

15. Midcentury family room with striking couch in turquoise and a cool coffee table

16. Repeating the color of the couch elsewhere gives the room a more curated look

17 . Classic midcentury living room with couch in velvety blue and gold

18. Large sectional in light blue is perfect for the cool contemporary living room

19. Smart combination of yellow and blue in the family room

20. Snazzy contemporary living room with geo style and bold green couch

21. Light lime green is a cool color for the living room sofa!

22. Green in the rug complements that of the couch perfectly

23. Fabulous sofa in bright fuchsia adds color and cheerful glam to the living room in gray

24.Stylish sofa brings color to the eclectic living room

25. Rug adds subtle pattern to the living room with bold orange couch

(All Photos Credit to http://www.decoist.com/)


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