40 Ways to Decorate Your Red Living Room Walls


It can be bold, attractive and classic. But red walls is hard to decorate especially for none expert in interior designing. Many people opt to choose other colors for their wall so that designing and decorating may be easy.
But, what if red is really your favorite color? What else can you do with a red wall? Especially if it is your living room?
If you are looking some ideas to decorate your red wall, this post may help.

Red Gallery Wall. Your living room with red walls can be a very attractive or striking backdrop for your artwork collection.
Red and Black and White Combination. Aside from red art wall, you can try white painted furniture or a black and white rug or simple white curtain to enhance the beauty of your red wall.

Aside from red, white and black, you can also try red, white and blue scheme or beige and orange. There are a lot of colors you can partner with red for your living room. In the end, it is your house, it is your choice what color you want and be happy with it. But if you are looking for more ideas on how to decorate your living room with red walls, browse pictures below, it might help you.

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Considered to be timeless and one of the most popular is Asian design when it comes to bedrooms. Asian design is often interpreted as a theme that is largely dominated by Japanese and Chinese influences. But somehow, this modern times, odd Indian motif sneaks through.



If you have a small lot, it does not mean, you can no longer have a lovely home. After all, a home’s beauty is not about size. With a small lot, you will be able to build a small house, and it can still be called home.



It is a personal preference when a person chooses to have a two or three story house design. They said, having a two to three story house is having a larger house in a smaller space. It has a good advantage; having more privacy especially if you choose your master’s bedroom to be on the top floor. A great view of the neighborhood is a plus point.

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