55 Photos Of Three-Storey House Designs For Narrow Lots

Home is where your heart feels good and warm and where your family feels comfortable all the time. One of the things that define good home is the space you have in your house. Narrow three stories are one of a good idea; this house is design for small space of lot to build and more space for your family. Size doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough budget to meet your house you dream off.

A small area of the lot is not a problem to build your dream house to give enough space for your family to live, there’s some house design to build in a small lot like a narrow house. This narrow house blueprint is not as big as you expected but its design for limited space of lot into architectural to make practical use of space into creative ways and the three-story house I think it was enough space for your family to make them comfortable to live. This house can be customized in three different ways. Floor for receiving visitor’s area, kitchen unit, sleeping area, the others homeowner uses the ground floor for garage and the last floor is for a garden area or depends on which combination is best for you.

Open 55 Photos Of Three-Story House Designs With Narrow Lots to see more images and pick the best design for your home.

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