Traditional bamboo house design ideas in the Philippines

Bamboo house is a traditional house and very familiar all over the globe especially in the Philippines, bamboo material is all natural plant, and bamboo house is the only house structure that has capable material to defend any nature attack like earthquake due to his elasticity, bamboo houses are able to sway back and forth during an earthquake without damaging bamboo poles.

Bamboo is low-cost housing and alternative home construction with the same quality standard of concrete houses. Some people decided to choose this type of house because of lack of labor and hardware important of this is the availability of the construction material required for this type of houses. You can build your own house on your own without any engineers or house plan to be required. If you are living in province bamboo is just around easily grown by itself; no need fertilizer or other maintenance and using minimum cement, steel and other material can help preserve the environment.

All bamboo houses are significant to its others. The only difference is the area of construction. The main attention while construction bamboo house is to achieve lifetime.

See photos below of Traditional bamboo house design ideas in the Philippines for more samples of bamboo houses



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