25 Lovely and Modern House Design With Floor Plans!

Single story houses come with benefits compared to two or multi-story houses. If you are planning to retire on a house you are building right now, considered a one-story home. With single-story houses, everything that you need is on one floor – no stairs required.

Single Story Houses are friendly user!

When the time comes that you retired, it is easier to age in this place and deal with achy knees and hips. Single story home is a good choice for couples who are just starting to have families. If you have kids, you will not worry about stair accidents.

Aside from being a “user-friendly” a single story home are easy to clean too. Who wants to bring up and down those cleaning materials such as vacuums? If all of your living space is on a single floor, it is much easier to go from one end to another with vacuum and dust rag. Plus, one-story homes often require fewer bathrooms since they’re easier to get to, and we all know bathrooms take more cleaning effort.

If you are convinced to have a single-story home. Here are 25 house design with a layout to choose.

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