Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama’s Celebrity Home in Quezon City

Annabelle Rama and Eddie Guttierez’s home is a perfect example of a house fit for families of celebrities.

It is said that the couple acquires the property way back in 1987. It is a 660 square meter lot in a gated and exclusive community in White Plains in Quezon City.

A home perfect for celebrities!

After two decades they renovated the area. According to their interior designer, Jeizele delos Reyes-Go. they changed everything in the house, except for high ceiling and the foundation.
This is to achieve the simple, clean and minimalist look of the house.

The house is a complete package with a beautiful facade, with two living room; one in the ground floor and another in the second floor with expensive fixtures, dining room with eight-seater dining table, spacious master bedroom with walk-in closet, bathroom; bar, den and bedrooms for their kids, including grandchildren from Ruffa Guttierez.

The complete the layout, the house has a swimming pool and a cabana for relaxation!

Photo courtesy: Real Living Philippines



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