China Cabinet Designs

You know, after the diamond gets into a woman’s finger, the next thing important would be her home furniture. Or maybe I’m wrong.

I never really understood what is with china cabinet. While growing up, I remember the women in our family, including my aunts and mother, going crazy about having china cabinet in the dining area. They prefer the classic and antique looking styles, solid mahogany wood or narra would be their preference. The quality of wood should never be anything less because the design includes intricate carvings that looks too delicate. Then varnished or stained beautifully so that the wood grains would become part of its beautiful design.

When we had ours, all of the special occasion dinner sets, plates, porcelain and crystals were placed there. Last time I saw, it still looks as perfect as it was the first time it was delivered, actually it only gets better over time.

Sooner I might find myself hunting for the perfect china for my own home.

Here are some of the designs of china cabinet I have seen recently.

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