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Check Out What’s Inside Kendall Jenner’s 445 Sqm – $6.5 Million House

20-year old Kendall Jenner, one of the famous American fashion models in our time, seemed to taste the fruit of her hard work as she move- in to a new home. According to Elle.com, the property from Hollywood Hills was first owned by couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

Her newly purchased house has an area of around 4,800 sqft or 445 sqm and has 3 levels with beautiful roof-deck.

Check out the 20+ Stunning Photos of Kendall Jenner’s New Home

Also, the three-storey, lustrous mansion costs about $6.5 Million USD. Look inside Jenner’s home through this photos:

(Photos are grabbed from Sotheby’s International Realty)


The six luxury bedrooms have large beds with white walls. Most of the rooms have full length glass walls and windows which provide picturesque sceneries.

Look at other photos of bedrooms below.

It looks like, Kendall has an elegant yet play it safe taste when it comes to the color theme of her house.

The entire house has white theme paint, wooden flooring and neutral shades when it comes to the rugs used to accessorize the interior of her house.

This bedroom has a very neutral shade of paint, wooden flooring and neutral shade of rug to match the wooden floor and furniture.

Another room in Kendall’s house -with a very simple yet elegant choice of furniture. Again, the room is painted white, with floor length curtains and it has matching wooden furniture and flooring with neutral shade of rugs and couch. A huge mirror is also placed on the wall to make the room look bigger. The glass wall gives a wonderful ambiance making the room look bigger too.


There are about five bathrooms inside the sleek mansion. All the interior design was perfectly shown by the photos below. The design purely exposes snowy walls with clear doors and silver showers. Check out the photos below.


The living room also consists of spectacular views through the large windows. It’s impeccable interior design is what makes the house special.


Her house has Italian inspired kitchen design well-equipped for cooking and even for baking.


The roof-deck has wooden flooring and furnished with sofas and chairs from Kenneth Cobonpue’s furniture line. The furniture shown withdraws pleasant view to the outside. A perfect place to mingle with friends and hold parties.


This spacious room can be suitable for relaxation.

This is the laundry area inKendall Jenner’s house. It is well designed to have several storage spaces like drawers and cupboards as well as washcounter-topall in white theme giving the clean and elegant feel.

Picture above is the walk-in closet ofKendall Jenner in a beautiful and elegant white paint.

The house of course will not be perfect without this bar which is elegantly designed with crystal wine glass and good choice of furniture.

The said house includes roof deck and huge swimming pool. What a perfect place to rest! Kendall and her girl friends can freely enjoy the wide space of the house and swim all the time they want.

It’s astonishing, right? It has about 4,800 sqft. or 445 sqm. Quite big! Indeed, the designs and decoration of each room in Kendall Jenner’s house can help you vision your future home. It’s really expensive but if you are resourceful, you can possibly improve your home to look somehow like this!


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