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Here are some interesting, useful, unique and affordable “Do It Yourself” DIY ideas we can make to decorate our home. If we are more creative, we can sell some of this for souvenirs and make it a profitable home business. We all have many old and unused items lying around in our homes, even our trash. Instead of throwing them, why not transform them into wonderful DYI creations? Here are some pictures to inspire you! Enjoy.

Tennis Ball Holder
Beautiful Vases
Candle Pillars Made from Cinnamon Sticks
Clip Sticks Candle Holder
Colorful Balloon Bud Vases
Cozy Sweater Sleeves Reused to Cover Vases
Decorate flowerpots
Egg Cartons Decorative Mirror
Ingenious Egg Shell Flower Holder
Laboratory Gloves Garden Idea

Lightbulb Bud Vase
Lights in vases or bowls
Luminous pebble lights
Mason jar lights
Mason Jars Wall Storage Idea

Pallet sofa
Pine Cone Necklaces for Kitchenware
Disposable Spoon as Light Decoration
Recycled Bottle Broom
Recycled Bottles as Chandeliers and Lamps
Rustic buckets with floating candles
Silverware Lights
Solar Bottle Bulb
Tin Can Flower Holder
Vintage Wine Crate Coffee Table
Key Chain Made of Cork
Christmas Balls Made from Strings
Candles Made from Old Crayons
Balloon Bowl
Empty Plastic Bottle Ottoman
Realistic Painting Art Work


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