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The 5 Bad Luck Designs in Your Home

In our house, how messy it is, we do everything to make it a happy dwelling place or a home. But there are times that uncertain circumstances visit our home that causes trouble, problems, and heartaches to family members. Other people says it is reality while there are some who believes that we as homeowners invites negativity base in our chooses decorations. So if you are superstitious, you might read this five things that many believes brings bad luck to your home.

1. Black Door
-Chinese believes that best feng shui colors for your front door are determined by its direction. If you want to paint your front door black, make sure it faces north. Feng Shui believes that black door invites bad luck if it faces other direction.

2. Thorny Plant
-If you want to attract good energy inside your home, you should avoid displaying thorny plants like a cactus. Feng Shui believes that sharp, jagged objects bring bad luck.

3. Mirror Facing the Bed-There are beliefs that hanging a mirror that facing your bed can cause problems in your relationship. Many believe it invites unwelcome outside influence in a healthy marriage.

4. Calendar in the Wrong Place-Do you have a calendar in the front door of your home? If yes, it is time to remove it. Feng Shui believes that this is a reminder of life’s passing days and it thought to have adversely impact in the longevity of residents.

5. A Shipwreck painting-They said shipwreck painting is a symbol of distress that could affect behavior and energy. So if you are plagued by bad luck, get rid of that painting.



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