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7 Simple Bedroom Ideas That Will Make You Happier


The bedroom is not just a place to rest and sleep. Sometimes our bedroom becomes a venue for family bonding especially if we have young children.But don’t you know that environment inside our bedroom affects our mood that is why it is important to have a happy bedroom.

Here are seven simple bedroom ideas that will make us happier and more relaxed.

1. Soothing WallsWe all have our favorite colors. But don’t you know that softer hues can make us happy especially in our bedroom? According to a researcher from Vrije University in Amsterdam, feeling of happiness is in connection with colors like green and blue. Aside from being happy, these colors are mood boosting too.

2. Beloved PhotosThis is another reason why we have to put pictures of our families. Researchers at the University of California Berkeley found that just reflecting on happy life experiences can have a lasting positive effect. So, instead of tissue box or magazine in your nightstand or corner table, fill it with few picture frames that inspires happy memories.

3. Inviting Bed LinensComing home to a soft and comfortable bed is something to look forward especially if you are tired at work all day. Inviting bed linens and soft pillows to cuddle is so inviting to stay for a few minutes. Other than this a survey by Hunch.com, said that 71% of respondents who made their bed considered themselves happy. It means, takes a few minutes every morning to make or arrange your bed. It added that this is another surprising mood booster.

4. A FavoriteScentA Research from Association for Psychological Science found that flora scent can boost our feelings of happiness. You can consider putting fresh cut flowers in your room or a scented candle. The right scent you choose helps you to have a better state of mind and feeling.

5. SunshineA study from Northwestern University in Chicago found that the sunshine can be a powerful mood-lifter that also helps set our circadian rhythms. Opening your windows in the morning could have a long-lasting positive effect, not only on your mood but also for your health, since the sunshine is a good source of Vitamin D.

6. A curvy headboard

Researchers from Harvard Medical School found that curvy objects were found to be more pleasing than angled or straight-sided shapes. When choosing a headboard, always remember, a curvier share is the better.

7. Clutter-free surroundingsMany studies have shown that cluttered surroundings are connected with depression. Who won’t be depressed by the way if a room is chaotic? Clutter is additional stress, so declutter your space and enjoy and organize bedroom.



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