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OFW in KSA Missing For 2 Years; Family in The Phils Asking For Help

A call for locating an OFW who was missing since 2015 is now making rounds on social media, asking everyone who could possibly render help.

Edelyn Aborda Astudillo left the country to work in Saudi Arabia on March 20, 2015. Her family received  a remittance from her through her employer on August 19, 2015.

Her husband had a last talk with her on the phone on August 14, 2015 and never heard again until now.

According to the social media post, she was deployed by Manumoti Agency but they cannot give any feedback about the status of the OFW.

A discrepancy was noticed as the OFW’s passport number as it appear on her Iqama, is different from her actual passport number.


The family is worried about her being missing for 2 years and there are not even a single news from her agency or even a single reply from emails sent to the government.

Another Facebook user provided an alleged  photo of her employer and claimed to have sent about 400 emails and without even a single reply.

Her employer was identified as certain Bandar abdullah Rashid Al Suehan with addresses at Al Mattar St, Faishaliya, Taif in KSA.


Let us all help by sharing this post and help the family locate the missing OFW.

We all pray that she is safe wherever she is and that she will be home soon.

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