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Wealth, money, and prosperity. Almost all people want it, but not all got it. Of course, we want, but sometimes, in spite of our hard work, those three things are far away from our reach.There are many people who believe in Feng Shui (You won’t lose anything anyway if you believe) particularly for their houses.

A Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical technique that involves occupying space consciously and harmoniously, which aims to achieve a positive influence on the people who live in the home.

Here are seven tips according to Feng Shui that will help you attract wealth, money, and prosperity in our home.

1.Throw away anything unnecessary or broken.

Avoid keeping clutter inside your house. If it is no longer useful, you can sell it, give it away or throw them away. With this, you can achieve a positive vibe throughout your home and completely renew the energy inside.

2. Red, Green and Violet ColorsThese colors attract prosperity. Use these on your wall or furniture, decor or cushions. You can use red, green and violet colors with white that represent purity. Red activates energies. So red and white is an excellent combination.

3. Make your entrance more attractive

Prosperity will not visit an unattractive entrance. Make sure this part our your home is appealing, harmonious and clean. You can have a beautiful garden, soft light, and entrancing front door that will attract guest and of course prosperity and good energy.

4. Kitchen should always clean

One particular place in your home that attracts money and prosperity is a kitchen. So make sure it is clean, always spotless and every element is in place.

5. Maintain a clutter-free home

A clean and organized home invites good energy. If you want a good energy, make sure there are no traces of disorder. Plants and fountains throughout your house allow the flows of energy and prosperity.

6. A warm bedroom

Avoid placing a mirror on the wall that faces the bed in your bedroom. Make sure it has warm colors and should be lit with soft lights. Your bedroom is a temple of rest and relaxation so you want it to feature photographs, ornaments and soft colors that harmonize this space for you.

7. Fix anything that is broken

Avoid putting water cans in the bathroom or in any part of your house. Always closed your toilet lid because the money goes down with an open toilet.

Always fix right away water leaks, burnt bulbs or loose cables because this thing allows money to escape.

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