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Construction Worker Who Won P1.2 Million, Back To Nothing Just After A Few Months

Jack Morales, a construction worker, did not imagine even in his wildest dream that his life would drastically change until the number he religiously bet on brought him to win a jackpot prize amounting to P1.2 million. But his sudden soar to riches  did not last. Just like a sandcastle thet broke down as the tide touched it.

As a construction worker,  Jack is earning P250 per day,which he uses to provide the needs of his family.

That is why he was overwhelmed  when he won  P1.2 million. Now he can provide all the needs of his wife and children.

He allocated the prize money accordingly. He allocated P200,000 for his kids education; P800,000 as a capital for putting up construction business; P200,000 is for their savings;and P10,000 to fix their house. To his irony, just months after he got this riches, Jack’s money gradually vanished until he returned to poverty and he even got over half a million peso in debt.

Jack  came from a poor family who ‘s livelihood comes from fishing in Samar . They were was displaced by the typhoon Yolanda. He worked as a laborer  as the typhoon stricken province recover.

He first tried his luck by betting in an illegal lottery based on 6/45 lotto draw, the difference is that you only need to hit 3 number combinations instead of six.

That’s where he got the jackpot prize of P1.2 million.

The sad part is that he spent it carelessly. He drank without limit. He did not even notice that the money he allocated for his children was also spent in drinking. The money he invested in a construction business was also lost due to bankruptcy.

He enjoyed his money so much and before he knew it it was already gone leaving him indebted for as much as P600,000.

He suffered severe depression due to what happened. He has learned his lesson the hard way. Now he is renting a small shanty paying P60 per month. His family barely eat three times a day.

Consoling himself that he never worked hard for that money anyway but inside him, a deep regret that he was not wise enough to take care of the riches he once had.

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