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Marawi Temporary Shelter, Much Better Than Yolanda Shelter At A Lower Cost?

A photo showing comparison between the shelters provided for the typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban,  Leyte and the shelter that will be provided for the people who are displaced because of the war in Marawi surfaced in social media. It shows that Marawi  folks is provided with better housing at a lower cost. It is made of galvanized and prefabricated materials complete with rest room and kitchen for only P160,000. The shelter is made by Koreans.

The project started last August  and is ongoing within a 14-hectare area. They are building around 1, 175 units and about 600-700 will be completed on the first week of December. In spite of being called “temporary” the housing units are complete with features that can be compared to the houses in subdivisions. Every unit has 22 square-meter area each.



On the other hand, the shelters provided for the victims of super typhoon Yolanda in Leyte is made by DPWH out of plywood and coco lumber without restroom and kitchen. It’s declared cost is P830,000 each.



In an article written at The  Manila Times,  billions of pesos are missing as the allocated funds is as huge as P75.5 billion . After 4 years, P60 billion is already appropriated but the completion of the project is only  at 33%. The housing units are without comfort rooms and can be compared to the appearance of a bunk houses.

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