30 Different Garage Style for Your Car

If we have cars, this is one of many things we have that we really love. Aside from maintenance, we provide what is best for our cars such as shelter or garage to make them still new even for a long time.
This 21st century, ownership of cars become massive due to low down payments offered by car companies.

But before buying a car, make sure your house has a garage for car parking or you have a space for your new “toy”. The garage can be multi-purpose. It can be a storage space if you do not have a car yet, or it can be an outdoor living area if it is connected to your house.

Fit the look of the house.

There are many garage design you can choose, but the best one is a garage that fit the look of the rest of the home to feel like they belong. You select a construction material that suits the rest of the home or use a cladding that connects both the house and the garage. A wall material that connects, visually, to the driveway is also a good idea.

Here are different photos of garage design in case you are looking for one for inspiration.




35 Brick Wall Living Rooms That Inspire Your Design Creativity

There are many ways to decorate our indoor spaces especially our living room. We can hang small to large frames or painting, we can put windows of different sizes or mirrors. Endless is the possibility of decorating the living room. But have you ever think of bricks inside your living areas?

35 Beautiful and Classy Shabby Chic Living Rooms

Just like a house that comes with a different design, living rooms are not all the same too. There are designs that suit you but may not suit for people around you or for your friends. There are people who love modern or contemporary design and then, there is a person who loves Shabby Chic ideas

Yasmien Kurdi’s Three-Bedroom Modern Condo

This modern three-bedroom condo unit has meant a lot to actress Yasmin Kurdi and to her small family. After living in a studio unit, Yasmin together with husband Rey moves into a bigger space for their growing family.
The property is located in Taguig and the actress said, they are impressed with its security and amenities especially for the CCTV cameras.

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