32 Modern Box-Shaped Houses With Amazing Design

Building a house is expensive. Many of us stayed or having only one house for the rest of our lives. That is why it is important that we love the shape and design of our houses. Aside from design, shapes are very important, it defines the style along with other elements such as color paints or palette, materials that are being used, etc.

Box house comes with simple facade but amazing interiors!

The most popular shapes in houses are geometric ones and cube-shaped houses or box house are very frequently found everywhere in the world. This house design is very simple in appearance but their facade will let you know what’s inside. Commonly box houses interiors are simple with modern decor.

A common feature of modern box houses is large or oversized windows, especially on the top floors. If you want your house to be unique in your neighborhood, you can choose this design. The following are box house design of houses for inspiration.





40 With Area Rugs Ideas & Photos

Carpets or rugs are another things we can add to our spaces. It can be in our living room, dining area, bedroom, and bathroom. Carpets or rugs can be simple for decorative purposes or it can be for its own function.
Carpet is a big help if we don’t want to walk on the cold floor. Noise can be eliminated with carpet.


38 Warm Living Room Paint Colors

A living room is a place we do so many things. Aside from being a place for receiving our guest, this place has many purposes. It can be a place for a family gathering or a place for a simple celebration.
Aside from this, sometimes we make our living room a small home office.

40 Timeless Black Cabinet for Your Kitchen!

Black is considered to be the most elegant color. Yes, black is bold, black is classy and timeless. But is black a good choice for a kitchen? If you are planning to re-color your cabinet in black, that is a good choice. The black cabinet will make your kitchen stand-out! Just make sure your kitchen is clean and organize. Because an unclean and cluttered kitchen is not pleasing at all.

Coffered Ceiling To Complete Your Living Room Make-Over!


We want to have the most beautiful living room. Because of this are very occupied in decorating to achieve what we dream for. But due to this, we oftentimes forget that our ceiling is included in our living room and should not leave behind in boring white.

Aside from being white and plane, we can actually create a different twist to our ceiling. Why don’t you make it coffered?

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