48 Lighting Ideas That Can Level-Up Your Walls

Wall lighting is another way to level-up your interior. This is applicable to different areas of your home. Be it in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, dining areas, kitchen, and hallways.

Decorating with Wall Light Fixtures comes in a variety of forms and finishes. Lighting your wall well will mean that you should be able to create different moods from the various light conditions.

Wall lighting can level up your interior!

Wall fittings are often at eye level, so you don’t want all the light of the bulb bursting across the room, catching your attention. Instead, wall mounted lights should throw their light backward, creating a wash. With many wash type fittings the light is thrown in one direction only, but for a modern look go for one that projects in two directions.

Lanterns and lamps are the traditional fittings you might think of for wall mounting. However, there is little that is old-fashioned about them. Lanterns often diffuse their light with beveled glazing, which creates a bit of a glamorous sparkle.

The following are samples of wall lights.






Bathroom lighting is not including in our priorities when giving a house make-over if it is on the list, perhaps, it’s on the bottom.
Compared to other rooms in our home, the bathroom is also one important area, be it for primping or pampering or to release unwanted things in our body. Sometimes our bathroom is a place to relax, especially if you have a tub that offers a warmth bath.
With bathroom becoming larger and more modern these days, of course, it needs a proper lighting.



With this modern time, we also want to have a modern home. Sleek, functional decor and elegant contemporary touches are trending nowadays. We all know that rustic and traditional houses are charming but in today’s modern world, a design that is clean with a neutral color is in.

If you have a modern home, just make sure it will not end up “empty and cold.”
Modern home features modern palettes with neutral tones.
Therefore, when choosing your modern pieces and furniture, it’s essential that you really like these pieces, otherwise, you may feel that you are living in a stranger’s home.


There are times in our lives that we wish to leave it all behind and get away from all the world's drama. We want to live simply at peace in surroundings that we love. In this post are 13 several unique tiny houses that let you do exactly that. Just because it is small, it does not mean not to be beautiful. Living in small spaces challenge our creativity to maximize all space. available. A house where space may be compromised but style and substance are not.

here are times in our lives that we wish to leave it all behind and get away from all the world’s drama. We want to live simply at peace in surroundings that we love.

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