Coffered Ceiling To Complete Your Living Room Make-Over!


We want to have the most beautiful living room. Because of this are very occupied in decorating to achieve what we dream for. But due to this, we oftentimes forget that our ceiling is included in our living room and should not leave behind in boring white.

Aside from being white and plane, we can actually create a different twist to our ceiling. Why don’t you make it coffered?

What is coffered ceiling?

Before getting excited to dress your ceiling with coffer design. Let us know first what is coffer? According to Wikipedia, “a coffer or coffering in architecture is a series of sunken panels in the shape of a square, rectangle, or octagon in a ceiling.”

The coffered ceiling is the most common design for the decorative ceiling. If you think that they just like the same all the time, actually, they don’t. There are many different ways to do it from the design of the moldings and the colors too.

So, aside from lighting ideas, make your ceiling beautiful too to complete the package of your living room. Here are some photos of coffered ceiling for inspiration and design you might like to be on your own home!

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40 Charming Kitchen Window Design


A window, small or large is an important part of a kitchen. With this, you can let natural light to go in. It can add ventilation too in the area. There are other people that added windows in their kitchen to get a good view of a beautiful outdoor or nature they have.

We can use this window too if we get curious about what is happening outside without stepping out our door. With this, it means that having a window in the kitchen is not just a simple decoration, but it has a purpose.

Relaxing Beach-Themed Living Rooms


There are people who love the “Vitamin Sea” very much that they even want to bring the breezy beach into their indoors. If you are that kind of a person, I am sure you want to stay on the beach as long as you can. You also dream of having a beach vacation every now and then.
But what if you can afford a beach vacation every year? Don’t worry, just set a beach style decorating in your home. Be it in your bedroom, bathroom or living room. With this, you can feel the beach and its ambiance on your doorstep, without living your comfort zone.
Having a beach style living room is easy. It is easy to achieve if you use the right combination of colors and materials.

Sylvia Sanchez’s Modern-Eclectic Family Home


The veteran actress, Sylvia Sanchez was one of many celebrities affected by Typhoon Ondoy in 2009. Because of the flood, her family forced to relocate until they found this beautiful property in a hilly subdivision in the North.

The mother of celebrities Arjo and Rea Atayde consider the new house as a place of healing and new beginnings for them. Since 2011, the family lives in this house that is not a prone to flooding – thanks to the sloping piece of land they acquire.

Wall Mounted Storage Design You Will Adore!


Having enough storage for all of our stuff in our house is a common problem. Storage is the answer for clutters too. But what if we run out of space for storage? Well, that is not a problem anymore with mounted storage.

Having mounted storage will instantly boost your storage amount.
We all know that when it comes to storage solution, there are a few different options available. Mounted storage is one of them. This is not just an easy option, also a cheaper option among others.

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