Spice-Up Your Couch With Colorful Throw Pillows


As they say, throw pillows has a power “to make or break”, not just your couch but also your whole living room. We all know that throw pillow is one of the simplest and easiest decors that you can add to your sofa of couches. Depending on your choice, it can make your living room prettier or make it look like a disaster!

Designing with throw pillow is not just easy because there are many things to consider;
1. The right number of pillows to add to your couches. Make sure it will look like comfortable and not crowded.
2. The size. Yes, size does matter! Will your pillows be too big or too small?
3. The design and colors. Make sure your pillows will set a balance in your living room by selecting pillowcase that promotes color coordination.

Indeed, throw pillows provide an additional charm in your couches. It will make your living room more lively, attractive and comforting.
The following are photos of the living room with beautiful colors of throw pillows you will admire. One of these pictures will inspire you to dress your sofa or your couch and beautify them with the use of pillows!

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Sylvia Sanchez’s Modern-Eclectic Family Home


The veteran actress, Sylvia Sanchez was one of many celebrities affected by Typhoon Ondoy in 2009. Because of the flood, her family forced to relocate until they found this beautiful property in a hilly subdivision in the North.

The mother of celebrities Arjo and Rea Atayde consider the new house as a place of healing and new beginnings for them. Since 2011, the family lives in this house that is not a prone to flooding – thanks to the sloping piece of land they acquire.

According to the actress, the place is so perfect for her, her husband and their four kids.

Wall Mounted Storage Design You Will Adore!


Having enough storage for all of our stuff in our house is a common problem. Storage is the answer for clutters too. But what if we run out of space for storage? Well, that is not a problem anymore with mounted storage.

Having mounted storage will instantly boost your storage amount.
We all know that when it comes to storage solution, there are a few different options available. Mounted storage is one of them. This is not just an easy option, also a cheaper option among others.

48 Inspiring Living Room With Pastel Colors


If bright colors are not your favorite, maybe you find comfort in pastel colors. Yes, that is true, these colors are so much comforting. They said it is easy to fall in love with these colors. Pastel colors have magic that makes a person, bet it your friend or guests to feel at home.

Before we see some pastel colors only from baby nurseries, but today, it is already part of our interior. This color is captivating and has a power to relax your living room. If it is used in the kitchen or bedroom, it has a retro appeal to your appliances and furniture as well.



What is a Scandinavian design in the very first place?
According to Wikipedia, “it is a design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality that emerged in the 1950s in the five Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark.”

Even though it started in the 1950s, it is still the top choice of homeowners and designers today. Credit to its beauty, simplicity, and utility. Scandinavian homes are centered on clean lines and functionality. The overall look is just flawless and elegant.

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