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Yasmien Kurdi’s Three-Bedroom Modern Condo

This modern three-bedroom condo unit has meant a lot to actress Yasmin Kurdi and to her small family. After living in a studio unit, Yasmin together with husband Rey moves into a bigger space for their growing family.
The property is located in Taguig and the actress said, they are impressed with its security and amenities especially for the CCTV cameras.

A mix of modern and contemporary!

The actress said with the help of CCTV, they know where their daughter Ayesha is going.
In their home she said, she is the one who is in charge of decoration and making decisions for the home’s interior.
She emphasizes that they did not want to settle on only one theme.
With this, they choose a modern and contemporary design for their common areas while bedroom highlights two distich looks.

Yasmien said the home meant a lot of here because it is here where she got pregnant.
The following are photos taken from Yasmien Kurdi’s spacious condo unit. All photos are a credit to Real Living Philippines.


Living Area

Living and Dining Area

The Dining Room



Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Ayesha’s Bedroom

Ayesha’s Bedroom

The Bathroom

Second Veranda



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