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10 One-Story House Plans Where You Can Choose Your Dreamhouse

They said one-story houses has an ageless appeal. This kind of house style is considered to be perfect for everybody, regardless of age or ability. Maybe this is a reason why single-story houses are favorite choice of many.

For many people, the lack of stairs is important especially for those who are living with old parents or person with disabilities. With one-story houses, everything remains accessible and comfortable because all living state and bedrooms are at the ground level which means these houses are a convenience to everyone.

If you are looking for your dream house, scroll the pictures below. Maybe one of this houses is what you are dreaming of. The layout is included and design is product of dom.pl in Poland.



This Two-Story Tropical Home is Perfect for the Philippines

This tropical house is absolutely admirable, but what does tropical house mean? Ideally, tropical homes are cozy, spacious and relaxing. This could be a home for our favorite getaway or a calming and relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

A Two-Story Modern Home With Spacious Living

This beautiful house is another project of Vision One Homes Australia. It has a four bedroom, one in the first level and three more in the second level. This house is so spacious that will allow homeowners to live comfortably. Floor plan and interior of this house is also being featured in this article for you to visualize.

8 Spacious Two-Story Houses With Floor Plans You’ll Love

Beautiful houses are admirable and inspiring. If having a chance, we all want to live in a spacious dwelling area where everything comes into place and organized.

In this article, we gather pictures of two-story houses and its layouts from the website, Vision One in Australia. Houses are Australian designed but designs can be imitated here in the Philippines.

35 Swing Chair Ideas for Relaxing Rest

Who does not love swing anyway? Swinging in the park is one of the best things we love when we are young. But with innovative technology, even adults can have their own swing now. Not just in the park but also in any room in our house.

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