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25 One Story Houses With Attractive Design With Layout

We have to accept it, many of us do not have a big budget to build a mansion or multi-story houses. But the good things is we can always choose a comfortable home and have a large or small family even in a single story house.

If we cannot afford those big and multi-story houses, perhaps we can afford to have a single level home. Whatever the size of your home, it will bring a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of building a one-story home

1. Lower Construction Cost and Reduced Period of Construction.
Allocated budget is relatively small if you want a small house or a single story house. This house design is indeed for those who have an average budget. Construction period of an average house can be done in few months compared to mansions or multi-story homes.

2. Reduced costs for furniture. Single story house means fewer rooms. It means you do not need more furniture.

3. Reduce electricity. It means, fewer appliances too. Cooling smaller rooms are faster compared to have big or large rooms. Therefore electric cost will be lower.

4. Reduced costs for maintenance and repairs. All maintenance and repairs that will be performed in the future will cost significantly less than in a house with one or more levels;

The following are advantages of one-story home!

1. Lack of space. If you have a large family, one-story house is not exactly the best idea, in order to expand the horizontal construction is necessary to own a large area of land for construction, which may be too costly or impossible due to the current land position.
2. No View. Many of us prefer building a two-story home to enjoy the view from their balcony.

The following are 25 photos of the single-story house with a layout.
All Photos are courtesy of Kerala Homes Designz.

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