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29 Pretty Houses: Beautifully Unique Hill Side Houses

Believe it or not, we really admire what is stunning, what is pleasing and what is beautiful. This is also applicable to houses. Our world is indeed full of pretty houses. We have one in mind that we always admire.

Beautiful Houses in Perfect Locations!

But there are times that we are tired of being in urban areas and decided to stay in a place where nature is our neighbor in the countryside. How about building a home on a rocky hillside where your borders are serene natures? Indeed it is an ideal place to build a beautiful house, not just beautiful but can be unique also.

The following photos are randomly taken from Google Search. These are houses being build in a beautiful location. Some of these houses are Hobbit-inspired. Scroll down to see if you can live in these houses!




James Yap’s Hotel-Like Bachelor Pad in Taguig

Basketball player James Yap owns a sleek and modern bachelor pad in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. The condo unit is 140 square meters. Stunning and hotel like. This is the perfect descriptions of PBA Player’s home. It has captivating lighting fixtures and furniture picks that highlight classic elegance and modern details.

40 With Area Rugs Ideas & Photos

Carpets or rugs are another things we can add to our spaces. It can be in our living room, dining area, bedroom, and bathroom. Carpets or rugs can be simple for decorative purposes or it can be for its own function.
Carpet is a big help if we don’t want to walk on the cold floor. Noise can be eliminated with carpet.


38 Warm Living Room Paint Colors

A living room is a place we do so many things. Aside from being a place for receiving our guest, this place has many purposes. It can be a place for a family gathering or a place for a simple celebration.
Aside from this, sometimes we make our living room a small home office.

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