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30 Three-Bedroom Single Story Houses For Filipino Families

You have your dream house in your mind. You work hard to have ample budget for your dream to be a reality. This time, you are thinking, what would be the interior setting of my house? Living room, dining area are given but how about the bedroom? Do you have in mind how many bedrooms your home should have? If you are thinking to have two bedrooms? Why not add one?

Three-bedroom home is better because you have a spare!

Two bedroom house is good, but having a three bedroom is better. If you have a family member of four or five, three bedroom is a perfect choice. If the third room is unoccupied, you can make it as a storage room, a guest room, or a home office.

At least in time that you need an extra room for a guest, you can easily convert your spare. A three-bedroom house is considered to be a perfect choice for a small to mid-size Filipino families.

If you are looking for a three-bedroom house design, we have here for you. The following are three-bedroom house plan with the layout so that you can visualize what’s inside of your dream home!

All Photos are courtesy of Kerala Homes Designz.