35 Swing Chair Ideas for Relaxing Rest

Who does not love swing anyway? Swinging in the park is one of the best things we love when we are young. But with innovative technology, even adults can have their own swing now. Not just in the park but also in any room in our house.

Swing Chairs are fascinating!

Swing chairs can be a part of our living room. It can be in our bedroom too. Swing chairs are also perfect outdoor or in cabanas near the pool. By choosing the right swing chair design, it can add excitement to our home and delight to our guest.




Can You Live for a Month In A Tiny House Like This?

We always want comfort. But there are people who want to simplify and downsize their life to make it very simple. But the question is, can you live in a tiny house often measure less than 300 square feet?
Many people would say that living in this kind of house may sacrifice comfort but with thoughtful, innovative designs, some homeowners have discovered a small house actually leads to a simpler yet fuller life.
Connecting with family, friends or guest is not a problem because nature is your friend where you can entertain them.
Recently, tiny homes become more popular in other countries. With innovation for multitasking and foldable furniture, this houses can be livable and homey.

29 Pretty Houses: Beautifully Unique Hill Side Houses

Believe it or not, we really admire what is stunning, what is pleasing and what is beautiful. This is also applicable to houses. Our world is indeed full of pretty houses. We have one in mind that we always admire.

James Yap’s Hotel-Like Bachelor Pad in Taguig

Basketball player James Yap owns a sleek and modern bachelor pad in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. The condo unit is 140 square meters. Stunning and hotel like. This is the perfect descriptions of PBA Player’s home. It has captivating lighting fixtures and furniture picks that highlight classic elegance and modern details.

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