Admirable Rectangular House Design With Layout

There are times that due to space constraint, we cannot achieve the design of the house we are dreaming for a very long time. Sometimes, it is frustrating to settle for something less. But if you are caught in this situation, it is not too late because you can level up everything.

Rectangular Houses!

Just for example the photos of houses below. This is rectangular houses which garage and main door serve as the main facade of the houses. You may not fall in love it at the first sight but how about the interior?

This style is not your average house plan ideas since these houses are designed to be built rectangularly.
So if you have a lot with a little access on the main road, this design is the best option.

The designs are taken from

(Watch: 10 Splendid Rectangular House Design)



35 Brick Wall Living Rooms That Inspire Your Design Creativity

There are many ways to decorate our indoor spaces especially our living room. We can hang small to large frames or painting, we can put windows of different sizes or mirrors. Endless is the possibility of decorating the living room. But have you ever think of bricks inside your living areas?

35 Beautiful and Classy Shabby Chic Living Rooms

Just like a house that comes with a different design, living rooms are not all the same too. There are designs that suit you but may not suit for people around you or for your friends. There are people who love modern or contemporary design and then, there is a person who loves Shabby Chic ideas

Yasmien Kurdi’s Three-Bedroom Modern Condo

This modern three-bedroom condo unit has meant a lot to actress Yasmin Kurdi and to her small family. After living in a studio unit, Yasmin together with husband Rey moves into a bigger space for their growing family.
The property is located in Taguig and the actress said, they are impressed with its security and amenities especially for the CCTV cameras.


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