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Take a Look! Why is This White House in Greece Stunning?

Homes with straight lines or curvy features defines the design of houses in Greece. With towering mountains of the mainland, Greeks learn to know how to make hillside more livable with their own design of houses where the beautiful scenery is oftentimes overlooking.

Scenes like that are common in movies or on a postcard. This day, the traditional Greek house design is still famous even their modern homes that give a reflection of traditional architecture in the country.

Modern Greek House!

Just for example a house in this article that is truly stunning and amazing.

According to the designer, the house is called, modern Greek House in Messaria in Santorini, Greece.
The house is also called a ‘white house’ because it is painted white, not only outside but also inside. Living room, the bathroom, the bedroom and even outdoor space is painted with white. It makes the house more sophisticated and ended beautifully.

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