2-Story Australian-inspired Homes You Can Copy

We, Filipinos cannot deny that we are fascinated with things that are imported. Such as imported bags, shoes, clothes, accessories and so on. But how about the imported design of houses? Of course, we want our house to stand-out in the crowd since owning a house is something we can be proud of — especially if it is really beautiful.

Foreign Inspired Houses are Always Fascinating!

There are many beautiful houses in the Philippines designed by our very own engineers and architects and we cannot deny that. But if we heard that someone is building a foreign-inspired house, we keen to know what it looks like. Just like in this post about modern two-story houses made by Kurmond homes in Australia.

Although you might find that some of this houses have a similarity to what we have here in the Philippines, these designs are inspiring to have here in our country, much more if you see one of this in your neighborhood.

(Watch The Video Below)

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