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Captivating Houses that’s Perfect for Rural Setting

We see a lot of beautiful houses perhaps every day, but we did not fall in love with all of this houses, instead, we fall in love to that one house that captures our heart and soul. When we see this particular house, we wish it is our own, we wish we can build something like this for our family. Seeing our dream house makes us more motivated to work hard and save harder for our goal — a house we call our own!

Just like for example the two beautiful houses feature in this article. These are from the website of Ruralbuilding.com.au in Australia.

The Kalgup Retreat

The house below is called “The Kalgup Retreat.” It has a four bedroom, two toilets and bath and a garage for two cars. This house is perfectly designed for a rural setting, especially for areas with beautiful landscape. It has a wide veranda where homeowners can enjoy the view of nature.

It is carefully designed to meet the needs of the household of all sizes. It has a one big master bedroom and three another bedroom. The home features a loft that home can be used as an additional bedroom space, activity, adult games room or even as a studio. Scroll down to check the floor plan and of course the amazing interior plus another beautiful house featured in the post.


2. The Bushland Retreat

This is another house surely you will fall in love with. Not just with its facade but also with what’s inside. The house has a three-bedroom, two-toilets and bath and double garage. Also like the Kalgup Retreat, this house is also perfectly made for a rural setting, but if you have a wide space in urban areas. This could be perfect too. Scroll down to see pictures below.

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