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The Splendid Beach House and a Luxury House in Australia

These two houses are both splendid and luxurious. If only we have a lot of money, we can own houses like this. Both houses below has a three bedroom with two toilets and bath and a double garage. Although, the first house is a beach house while the other one is a luxury house. Scroll down below to fall in love with the beauty of these houses.

1. The Sorrento

Aside from its three bedrooms with two toilets and bath, this beach house offers a wide parking underneath, both for cars or dinghy. It has an expansive verandah for summer nights. The Sorrento is quite simply the ultimate West Australian beach house.


2. The Karridale Retreat

It said that this house is Australian in nature with luxurious design. The interior of this house can be entertained by natural light from outside with the help of gable windows. It has a cool veranda and alfresco deck that is so expansive. With its modern look, this home design is equally suited for both rural and urban environments.

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