37 Residential Staircase Design Ideas

In residential houses, we often to see not so big or small staircases due to space constraint. Yes, it may be small and narrow, but it does not mean, you cannot get the same beautiful ideas you have for the rest of your house.

The beautiful staircase will give your entryway a step-up, make sure you have decorated it pleasantly with books, plants, under-storage or anything you like! Be it spiral staircase or not!

Staircase Adds Beauty to Your House!

The staircase design with unique materials or with a new decor can change the overall look of a house. Staircases are a major architectural feature in a house that has the power to make an ordinary home, spectacular. It is often taken for granted as a link between two floors.

If you are looking for staircase designs for inspiration ideas, feel free to browse this post with different photos of spectacular staircases.

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