Different House Style for A Three-Bedroom Home

Yes, it could be a little expensive compared to a two-bedroom house, but having a three-bedroom home is a great idea. With your third bedroom, you can do many things if it is unoccupied.

Three-bedroom home is better because you have a spare!

If you have a family member of four or five, three bedroom is a perfect choice. If the third room is unoccupied, you can make it as a storage room, a guest room, or a home office.

At least in time that you need an extra room for a guest, you can easily convert your spare. A three-bedroom house is considered to be a perfect choice for a small to mid-size Filipino families. Here are some house designs where you can design your own floor plan for a three-bedroom house. All photos are a credit to Maramani.com

(Watch: 7 Three Bedroom Home Design for Comfort Living)

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