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Empoy’s Modest Up and Down House in Pampanga

Known as “Tonyo” in a blockbuster film Kita Kita, comedian-actor Empoy Marquez often described by people as a funny, humble and simple person. His simplicity as a person also reflects his life choices, especially in his house. Aside from a condo unit in Quezon City where he stays during his busy days in showbiz, Empoy is an owner of a two-story home in Pampanga.

Up and Down House in Pampanga!

Aside from being simple, the property reflects the modest and easy going personality of the actor. The house looks calming and inviting, with a spacious layout and basic pieces taking center stage. From the living and dining areas to the kitchen and bedroom—one can instantly appreciate its uncomplicated aesthetic reminiscent of typical Filipino homes.

In the Real Living report, Empoy acquired the property in 2009. It is an up and down house the actor wishes for his family.
With his perseverance and dedication, we’re a hundred percent sure that it won’t take long before his dream comes true. This house is said to be the product of actors perseverance and hard work!

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