35 Gorgeous and Unique Roundhouse Designs


Do you want some unique but affordable features for your new house?

Roundhouses were the shape of choice. They were strong, energy efficient, good for ventilation and air circulation, less vulnerable to strong winds and they used the least amount of materials relative to the floor area. Since roundhouses have less surface area, relative to floor space, there is less surface coming into contact with the weather outside. Therefore, it takes less energy to maintain their interiors to comfortable temperatures.

Roundhouses features everything you need!

Roundhouses are also more aerodynamic and therefore admit fewer droughts which also makes them more energy efficient. It can cost significantly less to construct.

Traditional houses, with their multiple surfaces, have complicated structures. Roundhouses, though, are relatively simple. They use fewer materials and take less time to build. Less surface area means less costly to maintain over time.

Overall, Roundhouse idea will give you a lot of benefits especially when it comes to its unique and affordable features.

Here are our 35 unique roundhouse ideas to help you choose what’s best for your house.



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