Can You Live in This Amazing Birds Nest Inspired Tree House

This house is not your typical tree-house kids used to play. It is a unique tree-house design with an octagonal shape. Just like any other common house design, it comes with living area, a bathroom, and a bedroom — which means, this house is very much livable and you can survive being up there for the period of many days, months or even years, depending on your supply.

For the people who wants to live “above” the rest!

This modern tree-house is located in France and designed by Atelier Lavit that is so functional for people who wants to live “above” the rest.

The idea in the making of this tree-house was from the owner who wanted to have a unique cabin. The tree-house is installed on a hundred-year-old oak tree. with a goal to come up with a functional and comfortable hotel room. The tree house is inspired by the shape of a birds nest.

Check the photos below and see for yourself how good it is to live in the tree especially that it is situated in the woods.

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