Spacious House You Can Build In the City or In Rural Areas

There are people who own a wide or spacious lot particularly reserved for their dream house. In most cases these lots can be in rural areas since home lots there are more affordable compared to the city.

Single, Spacious and Stylish House!

But there are lucky few who owns big enough lot in the city where they can build their dream home. If having enough space, the following house design is best for you. Single story houses but wide, bright and airy. This is the best design for people with kids or living with olds because no stairs to climb to and fro!

Single story houses are considered to be a “friendly” house for all people regardless of age. So if you are looking for a design of the house that will fit with your wide home lot, you can consider the following and design your own floor plan that suits the needs of the family. all photos credit to¬†

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