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These 35 Black Houses will testify that Black is Beautiful

Do you want some black effects in your house?

Black represents sadness, anger or grief for many. But that’s not all. A 2004 study of college students’ responses to the color found that black also evokes a sense of richness and power. Black can be enveloping, warm and even signify high drama. An impenetrable black surface lends a house an imposing aura of intrigue and depth: It’s like an antiquity set down on the landscape with no explanation.

Black is Beautiful!

On a sunny day, a black house glistens and sparkles against a bright blue sky. At night, its tarry exterior recedes into the surrounding darkness, so that only the glint of windows is visible.
Every November, Black stands out and wants to be recognized and revered.

Black houses are even a thing with celebrities. Calvin Klein has one in Southampton, New York. Madonna has her own in nearby Bridge Hampton. Jonathan Adler explained in Architectural Digest that black houses “are very common in Japan, and whenever we were there, we vowed to someday have a black house.”


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