10 Two-Story Glamorous House Designs With Floor Plans

Who doesn’t love a beautiful house? Our favorite is of course our dream home. From day to day we often see lovely houses with different designs from traditional to modern. From a small house to big or large house design. These house photos inspire us in designing or even renovating our home. Perhaps you’ve already seen many small beautiful house designs in our previous posts or Bungalow house designs that you like right now.

Glam and Stylish Houses!

The houses shown below might change your idea of a dream house from a small bungalow to a bigger house with a glam design. From a list of hundreds of houses, we have narrowed down the listĀ of our favorites to 10 gorgeous homes that are perfect for big families.

The following designs are two-story houses with a floor plan so that you can visualize what is inside of this glamorous houses!


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