15 Most Beautiful Two-Story House Designs You Can Build Locally!

Wherever is your home plot is located, the following house designs will stand out – in urban or rural areas. Indeed these 15 houses may be the most beautiful houses you will see today! From its facade to the detailed floor plans, we know you will love it. So if you don’t have any dream house in mind yet, consider one of these if you are inclined towards a two-story house.

We know that many people prefer to have a two-story home. The cost could be lesser than to build expanded single-story houses. These designs are also a good choice for those who have limited space and cannot expand sideways.

It is common in two-story houses that bedrooms are located in the upper floor to provide privacy needed of every homeowner. The living room and kitchen are on the lower floor for accessibility and comfort, not just for the guest but for everyone.

The following house designs are good ideas for inspiration if you are looking for different house styles. You can also design your own floor plan by choosing from the list below. The following beautiful design of houses is credited to Banraks.

15 Most Beautiful Two-Story House Design You Can Build Locally!

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