35 Best Kitchen Design This 2018

Year after year, design evolves into something better, something beautiful. This is not just applicable on clothes but also in furniture, house design or even on your kitchen.

Modern and Sleek Kitchen Are Perfect for Residential

This 2018, are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Or add something color on it? Whether you’re planning a fresh renovation or just want to add a dash of spice to your existing kitchen, here are several ways you can bring in a new color or design to the one important part of your house.

To make it more modern, or up with a new trend, you can use a colorful door as an option to few of your cabinets. If you have existing doors in good condition, you can have just a few of them repainted in any hue you imagine, from a classic navy to a risky orange, and have them painted again in 5 or 10 years if tastes change.

You can also change your kitchen wallpaper or wall color into something neutral or striking, depending on your taste. Also, this 2018, pendant lights are in! You can have some for your kitchen as well to make it elegant and lovely.


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