46 European-Inspired Bungalow With Lovely Designs

The following are a compilation of 46 beautiful Bungalow house design from Europe. Each house comes with lovely facade you will be inspired to build your own here in the Philippines. We all know that Bungalow house design is not just beautiful, but this design comes with a lot of benefits.

Easy to Maintain

Living in new bungalows makes it easy to enjoy the more downtime. You do not have multiple levels to keep clean, staircases to vacuum or too many bathrooms to scrub. Instead, you have a single level home with everything you need to live comfortably without the added burden of too much space that will take up a time to clean.

Safe Living

Bungalows offer a safer option for living as all of your rooms are located on the same floor. This is perfect for those with mobility issues as a bungalow does not offer two sets of stairs to contend with every day, several times a day. Instead, you can eat, sleep and relax on one main level with plenty of light and space. It is also ideal for young families with small children who will also be in less danger of taking a tumble.


Living in new bungalows is the eco-friendly choice for families concerned about the environment. It takes up less green space to live in a bungalow which leaves a very small footprint on the planet. It also takes up far less energy to heat and air condition a bungalow due to their compact size, ultimately making them more affordable.

Aside from that, we all agree that living in a Bungalow house is comfortable, and these houses are always with a lovely design.

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