8 Rustic Dream Homes You May Consider

Rustic style house plans are particularly designed for lakefronts, beachside and mountain getaways. Commonly, it is known as a vacation house. According to Wikipedia, rustic is relating to the countryside or rural. Before this kind of design is a perfect vacation home, but recently, it can also work as a year-round home.

No Longer A Vacation House

Due to its appealing design and captivating charm, rustic house design is now appealing for homeowners even in a rural area for a change. Their simple forms make them inexpensive to build and easy to maintain. Small cabin floor plans may offer only one or two bedrooms, though larger versions offer more, for everyday living or vacation homes that may host large groups. Porches and decks are key cabin plan features and allow each design to expand in good weather.

Most people would think that rustic design is very rough and unsophisticated because of the materials used such as weathered wood/log, stone, rot iron fixtures, cowhide, wool, leather, antlers, taxidermy, and many other repurposed accessories. But then again, a rustic house could be sophisticated and affordable at the same time.
Check some rustic house below from www.admasarquitectura.com.

House Design No. 1

House Design No. 2

House Design No. 3

House Design No. 4

House Design No. 5

House Design No. 6

House Design No. 7

House Design No. 8

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