Urban Gardening: How to Plant Vegetable In Your Small Space?

Home lots are getting smaller nowadays. Houses without a front yard or backyard are getting common due to space constraints. But don’t you know that you can still grow our own vegetable in spite of lacking space? If flower gardening is not your thing, how about vegetable gardening?

Make Your Own Food By Planting!

With your limited space, this is very much possible. You can plant your vegetable in a plant bed, unused containers, drums, flower pots or anything that can hold soil and a little water. (Scroll down to see pictures as examples.)

When planting vegetables, avoid this common mistakes — using too small container for your vegetables. A three-gallon container is good enough to single growing tomato, eggplant or any vegetables you want to plant in your home. If you are planting in a small container, the tendency is that your plant will wilt too quickly and grow sickly due to lack of nutrients and minerals from the soil.

Growing your own food is one way to be so sure that we are eating healthy and chemical-free vegetables.