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10 Best House Designs for Three-Bedroom Homes With Floor Plans

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A three-bedroom home is considered to be a perfect choice for every family. With this floor plan, you will be having a master bedroom and another two for kids or guests. Sometimes, the third bedroom becomes stockroom or storage if unused for a quite long time. You can transform it also into a home-office where you can work privately.

Is asking for a design, Bungalow house design are a good choice for three bedroom house. It is also much better if you opt to have an open layout. Always remember that this kind of design is comfortable to everyone and easy to maintain. The following are 10 best design from บ้านรักษ์ you will love for inspiration.

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House Design No. 1

House Design No. 2

House Design No. 3

House Design No. 4

House Design No. 5

House Design No. 6

House Design No. 7

House Design No. 8

House Design No. 9

House Design No. 10

This article is filed under: Small Cottage Designs, Small Home Design, Small House Design Plans, Small House Design Inside, Small House Architecture


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